Welcome to garybedord.com and Bedford Wealth Advisors. I’m Gary Bedford.

Bedford Wealth Advisors operates as an independent “boutique” financial services firm. I’ve been fortunate to practice in Boulder County, Colorado since 1982, and I am Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission. We serve clients nationwide.

My “team” includes my personal executive assistant, Felicia Aplara, as well as our Eqis Capital premier executive, Michael Mooney.

We serve the needs of individuals, families, and small, closely held businesses.

Teamwork brings together your other key players – attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, pension and 401k advisors – folks you may already be working with or folks we might add to your team as we build your plan.

Gary Bedford photo

We are passionate to grow and preserve your wealth – 80% of Americans, including wealthy Americans, do not have working estate or wealth plans.

Through the ‘80's, ‘90's, and into the 21st century, our firm has guided clients through market and recession crises, a globalizing economy, the tech revolution, and the art/science of investing.

Personally, I’m passionate about state-of-the-art service, education, and professional thought leadership. After 40 years serving clients combined with serious academic study, I’ve created a research project at www.wildglobalization.com – we’re networking with other thought-leaders to better understand 21st century global economics, politics, and culture.

I’m a member in good standing with three outstanding institutions – the Investment & Wealth Institute (http://investmentsandwealth.org/home), the Society of Financial Service Professionals (http://national.societyoffsp.org/page/AboutUS), and the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils (www.naepc.org).

At your request I would be privileged to sit down or Zoom for a chat – a first meeting brings no obligation or initial charge. We objectively review your planning and offer constructive feedback.

Michael Mooney and Eqis Capital are not affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research Inc.