Bedford Wealth Advisors has been partnered with Eqis Capital for nearly ten years – it’s our primary asset management platform.

Eqis brings advanced investment management to our clients.

  • It’s “turn-key” and easy for clients to access and track their portfolios.
  • Eqis brings our clients “institutional” money managers:
  • Many bring decades of experience and billions of dollars under management.
  • Most have very high minimums – $100,000 to $1 million.
  • We can build multiple, high-quality managers in accounts as small as $25,000.

Most vitally, Eqis has a team of highly skilled analysts who constantly track our managers for consistency, style drift, performance, and consistency.

To summarize, Eqis gives Bedford Wealth Advisors an in-house and independent investment due diligence team.

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Eqis Capital and Cambridge Investment Research Inc. are not affiliated.