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Are you and your family ready for a challenging world, an unpredictable future?

 “We help clients reach their dreams – their unique passions and goals – like a wilderness guide or a team-leader...

We know most Americans, especially the wealthy, are not “future-ready”:

70%+ have no plan for their family’s wealth or estate
80%+ don’t have key docs and records organized
50%+ are without Powers of Attorney for Healthcare
50%+ have not organized their online passwords

Gary Bedford & Cambridge

Gary Bedford has practiced in Boulder County since 1982…as an independent advisor since 1993. Cambridge is one of the last remaining truly independent investment advisory firms – its motto is “Cambridge is not for sale…!” – it serves over 3000 elite advisors throughout the USA.

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Our Process...

Partner…Discover…Prepare…Execute…Succeed…We build long-term client-advisor partnerships – mutual trust is the core value to this working relationship. We challenge clients to pursue their dreams and to build secure futures for their family and community.

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Our History…

For 40 years, we have guided clients through this amazing but rapidly “globalizing” world. Powerful waves - human, technological, economic, ecological - constantly wash over our planet. Your life and dreams swim in these waves.

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Our goal is your family’s success and security. We focus on education – bringing you up to speed – about your key goals and priorities, and how to navigate a complex, globalizing world. See these resources (and especially Gary’s Articles on the Home Page) to brief you on our approach and the challenges to your future.


Timely Articles (See also Home Page for “Gary’s Articles”) – Investment, Estate, Retirement, Tax, Money, Insurance – a veritable “plethora” of reading resources…


Simple tools to help you get a quick grip on financial decisions.


Investment Cycles, Where is the Market Headed?, Wall Street Clichés, From the Heart – Charitable Giving, Women – Bridging the Confidence Gap, Safeguard your Digital (!), Retirement Re-Set – Retire with Purpose…


Preserving Wealth, Smart Investing, Protecting Those Who Matter, Inside Retirement Risk, Managing Lifestyle – Maslow’s Hierarchy…

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John F. Kennedy

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