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Our History

“The internet will change everything. but instead of it happening
over a hundred years, like the industrial revolution,
it will happen over seven years.”

-John Chambers, President, Cisco Systems

For over 30 years, we have sought to guide clients through this amazing but rapidly changing “globalizing” world.” Powerful waves -  human, technological, economic, ecological - constantly wash over this amazing and now globalizing world. Your life and dreams swim in these waves, like the ocean. "What's going on?" is more promising yet more dangerous, more complex and in-your-face, and more unpredictable than even our best street smarts can grasp.

This means that your reality plan must be more about preparation than the prediction -  it's really about the preparing for the unpredictable. Globalization is "What's going on." It is changing populations and cultures, how economies behave, it is driven by the explosive technologies, and it is more and more vulnerable to the natural ecologies. Your life's journey will move through this emerging, unpredictable world. Your journey and your plan must be prepared for this globalizing world.

We believe that while you are living your dream over the next 30+ years the pace of change will continue to challenge your life more than in any period in history. We take very seriously globalism's risks, yet also it's possibilities and promise for our clients' well-being. We are committed to the goal of bringing informed, common sense advice and plan execution to build successful client outcomes. We will strive to help your plan harness change, prepare for its challenges, and survive and thrive in these exciting times.