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Our Services

Our firm, supported by Cambridge, serves its clients in three key areas:

  • Financial & Wealth Planning
  • Investment Advice and Management
  • Insurance Services

Financial & Wealth Planning:

Your success is driven by a sound planning process. Much like the Apollo moon missions, financial planning is never a perfect process but rather follows a "critical path" which must be periodically monitored and corrected.

Your plan lives in a challenging economic environment. It is under constant stress from the life-risks of premature death or disability, from a volatile global economy, from amazing new technologies which create and destroy livelihoods, and even from natural ecological events. 

A successful plan is built like the great pyramids, with a solid foundation of safer, secure assets (lower risk and more liquid assets, insurance) which then allow for higher risk, diversified assets such as stocks and bonds and real estate in the intermediate and top levels. 

The process works like this: (1) "What do I have?" - we inventory your current plan, including your assets and liabilities, and goals; (2) "What do I need?" - we project future life scenarios to help you fill in the gaps and build the pyramid; (3) "What do I do?" - we provide strategies, including savings and investment strategies or insurance as necessary; (4) "Track, report, correct!" - we monitor your critical path, report back to you regularly, and make course corrections as necessary. 

Of course we use technology to keep track of progress. Our firm uses EMoney, an inter-active information platform which provides secure client access, planning and asset tracking, and a secure vault for confidential storage for key records and documents. 

Plans are provided as a fee-for-service. We meet initially with prospective clients at no fee or obligation to review your goals and provide a fee quote.

Gary's planning credentials include the Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC®, the Retirement Income Certified Professional RICP®, and the Chartered Life Underwriter CLU® designations. (See "Our Qualifications") 

Investment Advice and Management

Good planning requires advice, management, and especially, access to world-class investments.

Gary Bedford, supported by Cambridge, provide access to an extensive universe of investment services.

  • Investment Policy: Your plan drives your assets. Each asset in your pyramid serves a specific purpose. Key questions to consider include: "Is the asset subject to tax?" - is it "tax-qualified" such as an IRA or 401k, or is it "non-qualified" such as savings or mutual funds and subject to current tax?; "When do you need the asset? - what is the asset's time horizon?; "What's your risk tolerance?" - you can use different risk parameters based on your time horizon. The answers tell us how to build your pyramid.
  • Investment Selection & Access: Your investment policy drives the placement of the asset into your pyramid. Our team gives you hands-on, customizable strategies driven by high-level research. Your plan has access to the world's premier investment managers. We can deploy the full spectrum of investments for your pyramid: mutual funds and exchange traded fund (ETF) portfolios, direct stock and bond portfolios, and alternative investments such as hedge funds or real estate investment trusts. In addition, if you choose, socially responsible investment screens may be applied to express your unique ethical (e.g., your societal, environmental, or religious) values. 
  • Portfolio administration: To carefully monitor progress, a solid administration system is needed. Cambridge's technologies provide some of the most advanced performance measurement and reporting services in the industry. Gary is then available to personally review and advise progress.

Gary's investment planning credentials include the Chartered Investment Management Analyst CIMA®. 

Insurance Services

If your planning pyramid requires an insurance foundation, Gary & Cambride gain our clients access to premier insurance providers for life, disability, and long term care insurance. Insurance plans are customized to your situation and budget.

Gary's insurance planning credentials include the Chartered Life Underwriter CLU®.