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“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”  Vice Lombardi

The Apollo journeys to the moon were never on exact course -  instead they were constantly checking and self-correcting their flight to stay within a "critical path." We believe your practical life should serve your dream's critical path. It involves three key practices:

  • Healthcare Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial & Wealth Management

Healthcare Planning

Modern medicine will extend your life expectancy and require professional care to guide your critical health plan. Healthcare planning tools include: health and disability income insurance during your career; Medicare supplement and long-term care insurance during your post-career to protect your family, your dignity, and your hard-won assets. BWA can assist with the design and execution of these tools.

Estate Planning

Modern lifestyles require a legal foundation not merely for end-of-life events but more importantly to preserve your integrity and the management of your practical life during an unexpected incapacity. BWA teams with attorneys in your community to help you build an estate plan for your unique situation. Wills, trusts, durable and health powers of attorney, and living wills help sustain and care for your family and preserve your life's achievements and legacy.

Wealth Management

Risk and reward are complex challenges - total assets must be both secured yet also grow to keep pace with inflation. Your assets are flowing like a wave in and through the complex, unpredictable global economy and this require professional management. Your wealth wave includes: Base-wave assets: a portion of your assets should be held in lower risk investments which include pensions, Social Security income, and managed bonds or annuities. Body-wave assets: the lion's share of your wealth must both generate income and growth over time and include managed and diversified portfolios of stocks, real estate, and fixed income. Crest-wave assets include higher risk investments, or assets you may prudently be able to gift to family or charity.